When your PianoCorder pedal solenoids don't work

The solenoids for sustain pedals and for soft pedals are the same thing.

1, Problem on the power unit

  1. check the fuses on the power unit.
  2. check the transistors on the power unit.

2, Problem of pedal solenoid it self

  1. It must be strait with the lod.
  2. It must move smoothly. If not you should clean inside.

3, Regulate the volume on the playback board.

1, power unit (before check, be sure that power is off!)

Check the fuses are not blowout.

replacement: 1A, 250V

2, how to clean the inside of pedal solenoid

1, remove the lod 2, remove the socket and 2 nuts 3, remove the cap
4, there is black powder and a spring 5, take out the spring and throw away
the powder
6, remove 4 screws on the side
7, remove the lower pad 8, remove the inner lod 9, wipe the inner lod with cloth
10, clean inside 11, lubricate, put grease 12, put grease

And then, put together.
Lods and the solenoid must be straight in line.
The inner spring helps to lift the solenoid.
It is adjustable turning the cap of solenoid.
The power of lifting and holding is ajusted by this spring and the volume on the playback unit.

3, Regulate the volume on the playback board

These controls should be turned very carefuly.
They must be as weak as possible.
If they are too strong, pedals make a large noise when playing.

Megumi Imai


Piano Giken
June 22, 2006