Volume 4: Composers At The Keyboard

Stravinsky Plays The Firebird Suite
Vol.4, No.1 (CL-542) Side A
Vol.4, No.1 (CL-542) Side B
Rachmaninoff Plays His Own Works, Others
Vol.4, No.2 (CL-557) Side A
Vol.4, No.2 (CL-557) Side B
The Children's Corner Suite
Vol.4, No.3 (CL-572) Side A
Vol.4, No.3 (CL-572) Side B
Rhapsody In Blue
Vol.4, No.4 (CL-584) Side A
Vol.4, No.4 (CL-584) Side B
Kreisler Plays Kreisler, Others
Vol.4, No.5 (CL-593) Side
Vol.4, No.5 (CL-593) Side B
Maurice Ravel / Sergei Prokofiev / Igor Stravinsky
Vol.4, No.6 (CL-612) Side A
Vol.4, No.6 (CL-612) Side B
Lyric Pieces
Vol.4, No.7 (CL-625) Side A
Mahler: Symphony No.5
Vol.4, No.7 (CL-625) Side B
Richard Strauss
Vol.4, No.8 (CL-634) Side A
Ernst von Dohnányi
Vol.4, No.8 (CL-634) Side B
Enrique Granados Plays His Own Works
Vol.4, No.9 (PP-647) Side A
Vol.4, No.9 (PP-647) Side B
A Saint-Saëns Plays His Own Works
Vol.4, No.10 (PP-657) Side A
Vol.4, No.10 (PP-657) Side B


Piano Giken
June 22, 2006