Volume 8: Keyboard Immortals In Recital II

Josef Hofmann

No.1 Side A

Valse Impromptu in A Flat Major Liszt
from "Annees de pelerinage: Deuxieme Annee: Italie: Venezia e Napoli" Liszt
Etude for the Left Hand Liszt
Valse Caprice in E Flat Major
from "Three Caprices", Op.21 No.3 Anton Rubinstein, Lady Annie Cory

Josef Hofmann

No.1 Side B

Nocturne in F Minor, Op.55 No.1 Chopin
Waltz in A Flat Major, Op.42 Chopin
Nocturne in F Sharp Minor, Op.48 No.2 Chopin
Berceuse in D Flat Major, Op.57 Chopin

Ignaz Friedman

No.2 Side A

Hungarian Rhapsody No.14 in F Minor Liszt (Arr. Ignaz Friedman)
Ballade in F Minor, Op.52 No.4 Chopin
Grande Valse Brillante in E Flat Major, Op.18 No.1 Chopin

Erwin Nyiregyhazi

No.2 Side B

Au Jardin de Vieux Serail (In The Garden Of The Old Harem) "Turquie", Op.18 No.3 Emile-Robert Blanchet
Ballade No.1 in D Flat Major Liszt
Etude Heroique, Op.48 No.3 Theodor Leschetizky
Transcendental Etude No.4 in D Minor (Mazeppa) Liszt

Alfred Cortot

No.3 Side A

Au bord d'une source
from "Annees de pelerinage: Premiere Annee: Suisse" Liszt
Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 in C Sharp Minor Liszt
Hungarian Rhapsody No.11 in A Minor Liszt
Etude in D Flat Major, Op.25 No.8 Chopin
Etude in A Minor (Winter Wind), Op.25 No.11 Chopin

Alfred Cortot

No.3 Side B

Impromptu in G Flat Major, Op.51 No.3 Chopin
The Maiden's Wish, Op.74 No.1
from "Seventeen Polish Songs" Chopin (Trans. Liszt)
Andante Spianato and Grand Polonaise, Op.22 Chopin
Etude in G Flat Major (Butterfly), Op.25 No.9 Chopin
Etude in G Flat Major (Black Key), Op.10 No.5 Chopin

Arthur Rubinstein

No.4 Side A

Le Coq d'Or (Selections)
Introduction(The Astrologer)
Hymn To The Sun
Dances, Act II
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Nocturne in F Sharp Major, Op.15 No.2 Chopin
Barcarolle in F Sharp Major, Op.60 Chopin
Etude in E Major, Op.10 No.3 Chopin

Arthur Rubinstein

No.4 Side B

El Albaicin
from "Iberia" Suite for Piano, Book III No.1 Isaac Albeniz
from "Iberia" Suite for Piano, Book I No.1 Isaac Albeniz
from "Iberia" Suite for Piano, Book II No.6 Isaac Albeniz
Sevillanas, Op.47 No.3
from "Suite Espanola" Isaac Albeniz
Ritual Fire Dance
from "El Amor Brujo" (The Love Wizard) Manuel de Falla

Harold Bauer

No.5 Side A

Fantasy in F Minor, Op.49 Chopin
Mazurka in D Major, Op.33 No.2 Chopin
Polonaise in C Sharp Minor, Op.26 No.1 Chopin

Harold Bauer

No.5 Side B

Nocturne in C Minor, Op.48 No.1 Chopin
Polonaise in E Flat Minor (Revolutionary), Op.26 No.2 Chopin
Waldesrauschen (Murmuring Woods) Liszt
Paganini Etude No.2 in E Flat Major
from Paganini Caprice No.17 Liszt

Josef Lhevinne

No.6 Side A

Papillons (Butterflies), Op.2 Robert Schumann
Etude in E Flat Major, Op.10 No.11 Chopin
On The Beautiful Blue Danube (Concert Arabesque) Johann Strauss, Jr.
(Arr. Andrei Schultz-Evler)

Josef Lhevinne

No.6 Side B

from "Annees de pelerinage: Deuxieme Annee: Italie: Venezia e Napoli" Liszt
The Linden Tree (Concert Paraphrase), Op.89 No.5
from "Die Winterreise" Schubert (Trans. Liszt)
Cordoba from "Chants d'Espagne", Op.232, No.4 Isaac Albeniz
Nocturne in E Major, Op.62 No.2 Chopin Heniot Levy
Etude in G Flat Major (Butterfly), Op.25 No.9 Chopin


No.7 Side A

Polonaise No.2 in E Major Liszt (Arr. Busoni)
Nocturne No.10 from "Soirees Musicales de Rossini" Liszt
Transcendental Etude No.5 in B Flat Major (Feux-follets) (Will-o-the-wisps) Liszt
Paganini Etude No.3 in G Sharp Minor (La Campanella) Liszt


No.7 Side B

Ballade No.1 in G Minor, Op.23 Chopin
Prelude in G Sharp Minor, Op.28 No.12 Chopin
Prelude in F Sharp Major, Op.28 No.13 Chopin
Prelude in E Flat Major, Op.28 No.19 Chopin
Prelude in C Minor, Op.28 No.20 Chopin
Prelude in F Major, Op.28 No.23 Chopin
Prelude in D Minor, Op.28 No.24 Chopin


No.8 Side A

Song Without Words No.34 (Spinning Song), Op.67 No.4 Mendelssohn
Polka de W.R. Rachmaninoff
Polichinelle, Op.3 No.4 Rachmaninoff
Etude Tableaux in A Minor, Op.39 No.6 Rachmaninoff
Etude Tableaux in B Minor, Op.39 No.4 Rachmaninoff
The Lilacs
from "Twelve Songs", Op.21 Rachmaninoff
Melodie, Op.3 No.3 Rachmaninoff


No.8 Side B

Barcarolle in G Minor, Op.10 No.3 Rachmaninoff
Elegie, Op.3 No.1 Rachmaninoff
Valse Brillante in F Major, Op.34 No.3 Chopin
The Maiden's Wish, Op.74 No.1
from "Seventeen Polish Songs" Chopin (Trans. Liszt)
Serenade, Op.3 No.5 Rachmaninoff


No.9 Side A

Romance from Piano Concerto No.1 in E Minor, Op.11 Chopin (Trans. Backhaus)
Bohemian Dance in F Major (Caprice Bohemian) Friedrich Smetana
Concert Etude No.2 in F Minor (Leggierezza) Liszt
Valse Brillante in A Flat Major, Op.34 No.1 Chopin


No.9 Side B

Piano Concerto No.1 in G Minor, Op.25
1st movement: Molto allegro con fuoco Mendelssohn
Piano Concerto No.1 in G Minor, Op.25
2nd movement: Andante Mendelssohn
Piano Concerto No.1 in G Minor, Op.25
3rd movement: Presto, Molto allegro e vivace Mendelssohn

Vladimir Horowitz

No.10 Side A

Prelude in G Major, Op.32 No.5 Rachmaninoff
Prelude in G Minor, Op.23 No.5 Rachmaninoff
Danse Macabre, Op.40 No.3
from "Four Symphonic Poems" Charles Camille Saint-Saens (Trans. Liszt)
Valse in F Minor Vladimir Horowitz
Etude in E Flat Minor, Op.10 No.6 Chopin
Etude in C Minor, Op.25 No.12 Chopin

Vassily Sapellnikoff / Ossip Gabrilowitsch

No.10 Side B

The Moth Waltz, Op.157 Johann Strauss, Jr.
(Trans. Carl Tausig) Vassily Sapellnikoff
Liebestraum Nocturne No.1 in A Flat Major (Hohe Liebe) Liszt, Vassily Sapellnikoff
Nachtstuck in F Major, Op.23 No.4 Robert Schumann, Ossip Gabrilowitsch
Etude in F Minor, Op.25 No.2 Chopin, Ossip Gabrilowitsch
Waltz in E Minor (Posthumous) Chopin, Ossip Gabrilowitsch


Piano Giken
June 22, 2006